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Default RE: Question about Radio Interference

I've been flying at my own field for 16 years, and never had any problems with interference.  The only plane in my fleet that has jumpy servos when just the receiver is on, is my U Can Do 3D.  My Zlin 526 is on the same frequency as my U Can Do 3D is.  The U Can Do 3D jumps around a little then stops.  The Zlin 526 sits quietly.  The old radio system I used in the U Can Do 3D also acted jumpy.  There may or may not be any connection between why the two radio systems (old and new) are Jumpy in the U Can Do 3D.  The main reason why I started this post is because old radio system I had in the U Can Do 3D went bad after 2 years of use.  Really when I'm checking for interference and the servos jump a little, doesn't bother me, unless 1 there is bad interference or 2 the receiver is going bad for some strange reason.

Additional Information (I write this because it's a little confusing):

The old radio system I used in the U Can Do 3D is the same frequency and make as the New Radio System in the U Can Do 3D.  The radio systems in both the Zlin 525 and the U Can Do 3D was always the same make and frequency.

My main Question

Why does the radio system in the U Can Do 3D jump around when the Transmitter is off, and the Radio System in the Zlin 526 does not?