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Default RE: WFLY New 500 Size Electric Helicopter

i just dont see a big deal with this. unless 90 % of the parts are trex compatible ! all the did was re invent the wheel, but the wheel isnt even pretty. the canopy by looking  on the inside will break just from taking it off and putting it on (cheap china fiberglass). the  casted aluminum looks like junk the anodizing looks rough and crappy. unless they beat out hk on their prices i dont see why anyone would buy it. just because the dropped the motor by what 1/2 inch and put the belt gear above it the truth be told in a bad enough accident your probably gonna taco the main above and below the top bearing. atleast they could have done was make it leading edge control ! no biggy  i wont be buying one any time soon unless they are only 50 bucks then i will fit align parts on it and still give them the money.