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Default RE: seagull models

So far my only experience with SEAGULL has been a LASER. There were some quirks to the ARF but nothing too bad IMO. It took alot of weight on the nose (ie. engine mounted as far forward as possible and a small amount of sticky-wights). Had an MDS on the front, it took a couple of rough landings until we figured out the prop/fuel combination that it liked.

Had a little time on the engine then tried to go up a little with the prop. Bad decision, flamed out and CRASHED, considering angle of impact, etc. very little damage, easily repairable. BTW I have seen others repaired in this exact spot, it's almost like engineered into it (like a shear pin on a PTO shaft). Fixed it and passed it onto a friend. My son didn't like the way it flew, too fast, but that is the way lasers are.

So I must say that I am impressed with build quality vs. cost of this particular plane. I won't hesitate to buy Seagull again.
I have heard people bash GP before, I wouldn't hesitate to buy them either, crashed and rebuilt plenty of them.

You see I am really good at taking off, just not so good on the landings.