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Default RE: seagull models

I have been flying planes for over 35 years and I just had a very bad buy from seagull models. The 1.80 Extra 260. Very nice plane as tho I thought. After getting the bird ready to fly, I took her to the flying field with my son. Took off with no problems. Trimmed it out and all looked good untile I went to pull up after a turn. I am sure you no what was next. A very nasty, and I mean Nasty snap!!!. DO NOT! I repeat, DO NOT!! Pull up past half elavator with this plane!!! It will snap very baddly. Got her under control and did some minor adjustments and went to the air again. Same results! Very bad snaping and it flies like a rock. Not to impressed at all. Its to bad because it sure is a very nice looking plane. It is now in my shop with radio and engine taken out and will be ether a display model or will be disposed of. Sorry fellas, But I do not recommend this plane to anyone. It is a hand full.