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Default RE: E-Flight 25 in a Hobbico 40 balsa ?

So the Jeti 40 ESC that I have is wrong for the E flight 25 ?
Or , are you saying that I have to pick the right Batt for this application ?
There is a wood 10 x 8 electric Master air mounted to the motor now.
Just didn`t want to dump any more cabbage on this trainer. Just back to work after 6 months.And the bride wants here dining room table back [X(] Batt, no problem. Thats a givin.
Thank You again for helping out a newbi. It will click soon.
Wish I could just drive over and bring you a case, and chew the fat.
LHS is great if you know what you want....CARS.. and there mark up is 285 % and they just order from tower .