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Chad Veich
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Default Inspiration Point

I'm guessing that I am like a lot of designers and builders in that I keep files on potential projects as I run across them, adding to the files as new information is found. At this point my potential projects list is such that it would take a dozen life times for me to complete them all. I thought it might be interesting to start a thread and share some of those subjects that I really like but most likely will never get a chance to build in the hopes of possibly inspiring somebody else. I encourage others to do the same and let's just see what develops. No hard-fast rules here but this is not really a thread about kits or plans that you will never get to. Rather let's concentrate on subjects for which no kit or plan readily exists that you think would make a good scale model.

I will lead off with one that I just came across yesterday and which I had never heard of prior to that. Designed as a long range racer, and developed into a high-speed bomber, it looks like somebody stuck some left over WW1 bomber wings on a Gee Bee QED. The undercambered airfoil is of particular note. Anyway, I think it is an interesting design which has great potential to be a good flying model. Let me know what you think and show me your favorite obscure subjects.

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