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Default RE: WFLY New 500 Size Electric Helicopter

ORIGINAL: Atomic Skull

They put out the effort of designing an original helicopter and people complain that it's not a clone, wow.

They should get props for doing an original design, not told that they should have just cloned a trex.

Its not really an original design. I mean it pretty much has a TREX flybar head and tail and a Thunder Tiger tail belt drive. So basically its a 500 size raptor-rex. lol

I think the only person that gave any real negative points to it was morgan...and he's entitled to his opinion of course.

My biggest concern was/is parts availability. Notice that nothing has been said here, nor anywhere else you search on the net about this "new heli". So...once you break could admire the "new design" sitting all bashed up on your shelf waiting for parts...for however long it takes.

No thanks. I'll fly my Align and Clones. While they may not be cutting technology...they were at one point an original design that has tons of support and parts available all over.