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Default RE: Flat Spins in a BVM Bandit

ORIGINAL: dbsonic

Man, that is one nice looking Bandit!!!! : )

Where is your CG amigo?
Oh, this is Darren! Ha! Thanks man!

My CG is BVM's.

I panicked when I saw that it didn't recover. After letting go of the sticks (it always recovers inverted), I waited, and waited and then panicked!!! I had to do something. I just input what I wanted the airplane to do, stop moving in the spin it was moving, and when it recovered, I just let go of the sticks again (for good measure). And continued a shaky flight!!

Luckily, I had enough elevation.

Hmmm, when I do avalanches, (I've always been more comfortable with inverted snaps), my bandits (big and little) have no problem with the snaps.

Here is a nice pic of an inverted flat spin (and then a smiley face! )