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Default RE: Throttle to Rudder Rate mix

I am not sure I understand the question correctly. Would this be like controlling the sensitivity of one channel (say Rudder) with the input of another channel (say Throttle) - where the more (or less) throttle you input, the less sensitive the rudder becomes?

I have the SD10G; it can do A LOT. I would be surprised if we can't find a way to make it happen. If not, the radio is upgradeable so you can make a request for the feature and hopefully it will get created and you can download it.

I am wondering about the VR (variable rate) function - the manual says it works for AUX and Flap channels, but not sure if you can program other channels in there. Or, maybe you can mix the VR lever/knob to throttle, and mix rudder to VR. Unfortunately my radio was moved into storage yesterday so I can't play with this for you [&o]