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Hello all, Iknow this is somewhat of an old thread, but I just ordered a Kangke Waco and it's on the way. I've been reading through and tring to decide on the engine that I want to put iin it. I just got done building a H9 hellcat with a DLE20 so i'm somewhat familar with the DLE and they seem to be a good engine for the price.I've been looking at the DLE 35RA rear exhaust and Tower has them with the $30 discount and free shipping for $319.with the muffler included. Has anyone useda DLE 35 before and will it beenough for this plane? I really want a good flyer morethan a rocket. I know most people havebeen using 40cc motors on the Waco.Being this has been inactive for a while, is there anyone still flying their Waco. I know I'll have a fair amount of questions during the build.