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Default RE: Kangke Waco Biplane

Have flown mine for about two years with a zdz 40 I was told the DLE 30 is more powerful by a person who works in the tech department at an unnamed dealer. I Think the DLE 35 rear exhaust would be perfect for it. I bought an aluminum landing gear from TnT to replace the original tried the b&b stiffener route did not work properly. Everything is under the cabanes and forward. Elevator servos in rear rudder servo in regular spot. Four wing servos and one for throttle and choke. Ignition and battery on firefwall. Use fromeco batteries and regulators. You could elimnate one servo for choke with a kill switch and make the choke manual. I put plywood shims on the rear strut connections to get the 1 degree down angle on the top wing all four connections, shaped them like the strut holdowns look fine. be sure and coat the forward compartment with fiberglass cloth and epoxy or resin the forward portion of the plane is very weak. I had trouble with the tailwheel coming loose and replaced it with a leaf spring type medium sized unit like the ones from ohio model products. The plane flies great with no weight added to the nose the added incidence in the top wing makes for no elevator trim when inverted. Like someone said before you will have to reiron the covering every once in a while.