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Default RE: Kangke Waco Biplane

the only reason I am thinking of using the SPE 40 is that I already have the engine. not looking for 3D type flying as its not that type of plane. Just didn't want to spend more $$ on another engine if I didn't have to.

I am slowly migrating to more gas engines anyway. My only other choice would be a four stroke on glow, but while I love the sound, $30 a gallon for fuel vs. $4 and the gas wins again. Though the new 38 CC four stroke gasser that came out looks interesting!

I have not seen any posts on upgrades for the Waco, so I would love to her more about changes that were made. So far in the last few posts, mentioned are landing gear upgrades, upgrading something in the nose and wing incidences.

I had done a search for info a while back and came up empty...

I have an early kit too, pre-ordered at the WRAM show when it was first released!

nice to see the thread isn't dead!!

Bill S.