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Bill, is your your waco already finished or is it yet to be built? I needed another plane like I need a hole in the head, but the price was right and it did look so nice, If I don't go gas, it will probably be a 4 stroke nitro, but I'm still leaning towards a DLE 35ra. I like the idea of of $3.25 a gallon for gas and being able to get fuel anywhere, although I realize gas engines present there own unique problem such as extra weight, battery, switches, and rf interference. I have a DLE in a H9 Hellcat I just finished, but I haven't maidened yet. I made sure I kept the ignition batteries and switches as far apart from the RX and rx battery as possible and didn't use metal rods for the choke and throttle. The landing gear, Incidence adj, and as railfly mentioned, reinforcing the nose is the only problems I've been able to find reading through this post. I havent found much besides this thread.