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Default RE: Canard configuration airboat CG ?

@ pinky_d_brain thanks for the answers

So the CG should be located at about 1" back from the main hull's step? Is this corect?

The power plant is at the moment a 33A brushless motor at 1250kv and I was thinking to use a 10" prop. As you suggest an only 6" prop I asume I should think to make the boat wider to make sure does not screws in the water when accelerates.
I am interested to get maximum speed on streight line so manouvers are not a priority. But it will stil need to be stearable.

As you said the thrust line concerns me also. For the water propped boats if the prop gets out of the water - because of too much speed and lift off - the boat will lose speed and will go back in the water.This is like a negative closed loop that stabilizes the boat on water. In our case if the boat takes off, it will loose the drag created by the water friction and will acctualy get airbone. So I need to make sure that at high speed the wing will push the boat to keep the contact of the three points with the water - minimal contact if possible.

Regarding the rudder the plan was to have an air rudder - two control surfaces in the props airflow but I may change it to a water rudder. A suggestion I have received was to have a fin in the main hull positioned where the step is.