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The holmes BR esc is strange. Its more money than a Castle SV but handles the same amps. It does have a better bec and is rated to 6 cell lipo but at 80 amps even 3s lipo is a bit to much for it. So I would just buy a Sv2 and 5 amp bec. But I have no need or desire to have waterproof electronics. Going with the SV3 would raise the price. But it is waterproof and the holmes BR is not.

As to the XL-5 it has no power. It will run many motors but it gives up to early. It can handle about 100 amps but its continuous is only 14 amps. It also does not have a drag brake.
the lack of drag brake is the major flaw for the xl5 as a crawler ESC. That and the delay for reverse.

The losi 12t has a crawler setting that has drag brake and no delay, and its about the same cost as the xl5....but its not waterproof.

with alittle skill tho, most any esc can be waterproofed.
can that losi esc go from forward directly to reverse with no brake?
been looking for an ESC that could do that for ages to use in a RC tank (as I will need 2), and every one I tried fails me in that respect that claim they don't brake