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can that losi esc go from forward directly to reverse with no brake?
been looking for an ESC that could do that for ages to use in a RC tank (as I will need 2), and every one I tried fails me in that respect that claim they don't brake

I am putting dual Castle sidewinders in a Blizzard soon. So I would suggest the Castle sidewinder for your project.
If I didn't dislike castle and find their stuff overpriced as hell for what you get I would. Also spending $140 for 2 esc's is a tad ludicrous as I could just buy a new tank complete.
Trust me that would be insane overkill in what I need a 20A ESC would work, but all the 20's I tried that say they don't have brake lie in their sheets.

wonder how profile 4 of the XL-5 works(I know it was missing from XL 2.5s which angered me) as it says no brakes