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calling the stuff junk as it kinda looks ignorant, and elitist...
That's your opinion. My opinion is those that buy that junk only care about saving money and couldn't care less that such company's hurt the industry as a whole. They are not releasing new technology. They just copy whats available and do a poor job of it.
well my opinion is based on owning various brands, and using them as yours sounds cause its not the brand I only use its a crap copy.

Hobbywing ESC's outside being an ESC, and brushless copies absolutely NOTHING from castle, and if you consider that copying, then Tekin, and every other ESC is a copy of castle too.
What about when the castle ESC's were burning up?(look at the savage XS's 1st batch) what about people who had castles fail soon after warranty is up, but had the "junk" take more abuse, and not fail even after being use 4X longer than the castle crap. What company blamed "cheap" batteries for their ESC's blowing out(even though the batteries they recommended caused the same failure rates), all due to them being too cheap to add a few caps(which they came out later as a add on for an extra $30)?

Also thank you for calling 80% of what I own junk... well at least its not complete crap like castle makes. And sorry not everyone is loaded with cash, and can afford paying exorbitant prices for no real gain in fun.

BKoz559 sorry for the rant in your thread just sick of elitist who come off my toy is better than yours cause it costs more. I find it funny how me asking about how a losi ESC goes from forward to reverse brought up hobbypartz's site