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Default RE: Heard A Good One Lately?

A group of 22 people are invited to a fancyrestaurant in the USby a foreignman. When the man goes in the day before the diningto make reservations, he tells the lady at the front of the house that he needs enough chairs for 2.....2. (He says the numbers far apart as he is having trouble learning English) The lady gives him a strange look, and says that she heard him the first time. The group of people show up the next day to find only 2 seats reserved. The man asks the lady at the front of the house, "Why is there only two chairs?". The lady replys, "That's what you reserved, sir.". So the man crashes in on another party, tells everyone that there was a fire spreading throughout the building. All the people freak out, and begin funneling out the doors. Then the man and his 22 guests, take seats, and eat the free food. Afterwords, the guests and the man leave. On his way out, the lady at the front desk gives him the bill. He ended up getting charged for the party that he crashed into. The occasion of the party was a wedding, and the man is charged $15,000 for all the food. Then he can't pay, and ends up in prison. He is then falslymatched up asof a multi person murderer, andis sentenced to death.

Conclusion: If you are foreign, do not invite 22 people to a USfancyrestaurant as you will die.