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Default RE: Hangar 9 produced the Twin Otter!

ORIGINAL: kthmarks

Attached are a few photos of my completed H9 Otter. Stripped/glassed and finished to resemble the Norwegian special forces 057 livery. Twin Saito 62's. The nacelles had to be highly modified to get these engines to fit and to locate the fuel tanks properly. 14.75lbs. Maiden pending the arrival of additional nerve.

[link=https://picasaweb.google.com/kthmarks/Otter?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCM-f-pG_xP2ssQE&feat=directlink]Link to build progress photos[/link]

Nice Work !!! Khtmarks , what size are those 3 blades you are using on those Saitos 0.62 , I am planning on using Evolution 0.36 2 Strokers and I was wondering if they had the power to swing this MA 3 Blades.. I love the looks of this plane in the original 3 Blades but I dont want to ad more weight with biger engine..

Anyone has experience with Nitro engines and 3 blades set ups??