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Default RE: Tail wheel tiller stiffness


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I got a Sullivan tailwheel for a Sig Somethin Extra I am getting ready to maiden. I replaced the stock tailwheel with the Sullivan one. It came with two tillers, one stiffer than the other. Our club has a grass runway, which we keep pretty short. Which tiller should I use?

Thank you

There is a reason for the supplier to provide two tillers.
I think the reason is that a softer one can act more as a shock absorber on rough terrain.

The grass being cut short does not change the roughness of the ground.
If the ground is also rolled with a heavy roller then it is smoother.

If the ground is rolled and smooth I think either tiller would be fine.
If the ground is rough I would use the softer tiller.

Another consideration is the weight on the tail wheel. If there is much weight then the stiffer tiller might be preferable.

Just some thinking.

I agree with ZOR.....The Somethin Xtra is a smaller model. It does not require a whole lot of effort to steer the tail wheel.

When I rig up third scale to 35% aerobats, the tail wheel steering takes a 1mm wire, about 3" long. Gives plenty of authority but is pretty soft. In addition, I'll install a 2" length of 1/16" rubber tubing over the steel and secure that to the rudder with a "U" clip

Smaller models such as 2 meter aerobats, I use the same wire except I fit a length of plastic tubing (like inner nyrod) on it and actually drive the plastic tubing, and not the steel. Works fine. My field is also grass, reasonably smooth but not like a putting green