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Default RE: What will get better MPG?

aerodynamics and effective powerband play a HUGE role in fuel economy, heck, modern corvettes get pretty good fuel economy, because 1- the car is streamlined and 2- the engine is in its sweet spot at highway speeds.
chevy tends to make larger cars fuel efficent, up untill recently dodge made the worst, my mothers durango drinks gas at a rate of 10mpg or 15hwy, while a trailblazer (though butt-ugly and slower) gets around 15-18

my miata gets 30-33mpg no matter how I drive, where I drive or the temperature, she SCREAMS on the highway, maybe 4000RPM @75mph but the car is fine humming allong at that speed.

the car does not accelerate unless you shift it above 3700RPM, it always sounds like your thrashing it, but thats just how the cams are cut and how its geared, feels like a turbo kicks in after 4500RPM