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Default RE: SkyMaster MB339 Build Thread

The original is fine, but its only OK .. without front support, there is always some play. with quick disconnects, a less than solid joint can cause problems there to such as air leaks when there is play. I would not flt any more aggressive maneuvers without it. I always like to make things built as solid as possible within the realm of whats possible on any airplane if it can be done easily, and without much weight gain. better safe than sorry Also, some wings/fuses may have better fits than others.

speaking of reinforcing, there are some spots under tha main gear in the wing that desperately need some more internal support. There is not much torsion strength between the retract rail mounts .. I'll snap some pics of a simple solution when i'm in my shop and post here .. I know some guys have had the hear pop through the top skin. I have not had a single problem, and thats mostly flying on grass ..