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Default RE: SkyMaster MB339 Build Thread


Great observation Wojtek and while tidying up the gear doors on my MB I noticed that the ply mount for the mains flexed. On one side the ply was beginning to split. I cut some more ply and inserted them vertically between the wing skin and mount and its definitley better. Do you fly off tarmac/asphalt or grass? If the former I would be interested to hear if you had problems with bouncing on landing and how you setup the mains. How much oil? How much air pressure?

I'm working on one other mod for this year - putting electronically ignited smoke flares in the wing tips

Thanks - Dom


I fly mostly on grass, but it handles the same on Tarmac for me .. If its bouncing, it means there is still speed that needs to bleed off before touchdown. . I use all the flap throw I can get so it acts more as an air brake and I use 1/4" crow on the ailerons . The plane can land at a more scale looking speed this way with a little more speed, without the kangaroo hop