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YEA Dave,

i have run mine on the stand for about 1/4 gal and it seems to do really well..i made sure to get the temp up over 180 degrees and it seems really impressive on the stand..i have the hanger 9 katana 50 to put it on..the bare frame weighs 3.5,so hopefully i want be all that heavy when completed..i am gonna use life batteries so hopefully that will help some on the weight and gonna put pitts muffler on it and that will shed an ounce or two..my thinking is the pitts muffler will be more suitable for a gas engine..i'm not really clear why they went this type of muffler..i guess to keep from having to make different ones...i'm really excited about the first flight and hope i'm not dissappointed ..its really strong for a gas engine its size... i will let you know how the first flight goes after i do my maiden....thanks ...craig