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Default RE: SkyMaster MB339 Build Thread

I fly a P200, and use throttle quite a bit ( it is however speed limited to 150 - 160mph ) I get 12min no problem .. but that's without junk under the wings ! ( just 2 tip tanks)

When I added 4 drop tanks ( 2 per wing ) this reduced my flight time to under 10min based on the drag alone ( turbine had to push harder to maintain speed on the limiter ) ... This caused me to run out of fuel on my gear pass [&o] ..

This was posted before i think , .. the end of this video you can hear it die and watch my MB go in ..

so please learn from my mistakes and remember that ordinance adds A LOT of drag, which can mean higher fuel usage !


this was the original maiden, landing was stalled out a little too early on this flight ...

I have another MB on the way in the shop . Miss this plane too much not to always have one !