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Default RE: SkyMaster MB339 Build Thread

ORIGINAL: Helirupert

Hi all,

I looked at the assembly instructions on the Skymaster web page where the control surface deflections are described (see pictures). I cant get more than 15 mm down on the elevator, at that point the stabilizer root surface parts (stabilizer - elevator control surfaces) touches each other. The figures in the picture, 25 - 30 mm, does it mean total up - down throw, or 25 30 up 25 - 30 down, similar as (I suppose) it is meant in the aileron picture figures? Is 15 mm down sufficient when flying inverted? Which control surface deflections do you folks have on your MB-339 birds?

I measured mine today.

Flaps: 30 mm
Ailerons: 18 mm
Elevator: 20 mm
Rudder: 50 mm