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Default RE: Micro sloping

Micro sloping was humorously demonstrated at the Perry, Ga. swap meet some years back.

The guy who did it stood in the middle of the basketball court they were using for indoor demonstrations with a closed cardboard box as the crowd gathered.

When he started the demonstration, he opened the box and pulled out a tiny glider about the size of his hand. He showed how it was simply a tiny glider without any form of power. No motor. No prop. When he explained that he was going to fly it around without landing for as long as he chose to fly, giggles and chuckles were heard.

So he did.

Noone noticed that he kept the box lid in one hand all the while. As he gently 'launched' the little glider, his free hand went to his TX that was hanging from it's neck strap. The hand with the box lid brought the lid up just below and in front of the glider. Instant slope........ As he casually walked about, the box lid provided the slope and his pace provided about 1.5mph worth of lift.

Now that was micro sloping for sure.