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Default RE: Fibreglass Fuse Super Reaper

This one has 20mm and 12mm sockets in each wing, so I will just have to get some 12 and 20mm tube. The rear of the fuse is rounded on the edges and seems to have nowhere to mount the fins. I guess I will have to make something inside the glass fuse. It has a hole in the front fuse sides to mount the full flying canards (which are missing), so I will have to make them from balsa glassed all over, and a servo plate with cutouts to mount the canard servos. I have looked at some other threads and some have used fixed canards and separate "Elevators". This seems to be a stronger method. Any comments on this?.
I can makes some engine bearers for the Wren 54 engine my friend has given me to use. I also have the CG position so that should be OK.