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Default Some more tank question,Upgrades,kits,clubs etc.

Im getting closer to ordering something,more than likely im going to go with a Tamiya kit "Or a good used one if I can find one" Id like to direct this question to club members.... I see most tank used are WWII ERA "as most kits are anyway" but kits like leopard dont seem to be to popular is that because its more on the modern side? If I happen to find a club would this Leopard a26 be kinda frowned upon?
I was also interested in the Sherman,They seemed like one of the cheaper kits. I was reading about them they dont mention too much about metal parts as the newer M51 Super Sherman does,Would the Super Sherman be a better buy? I guess that the super sherman would be considered on the modern side as well?

IM guessing for the price different of the sherman kits for that few hundred extra I could just upgrade the older sherman to metal.

My next question is on the gear reduction,most people say in stock form they move to quick and need the 3:1 gear reduction,I also read about people reducing the pinion size to slow it down,how do these compare?

Also if there any place in the US that sells tamiya metal upgrade parts? If you could post some links and im going to bookmark them so I can find them when im ready I guess if there isnt any in the US where is the best place to get metal tracks,wheels ,suspension arms,gear reduction etc with somewhat fast shipping. lol,I hate waiting on parts from overseas! I ordered some things before I think one was in hong kong and it wasnt too bad at around 2 weeks I got my item,,another time I ordered a small package of LED lights and took over a month! I guess it just depends on the seller.