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Default RE: Some more tank question,Upgrades,kits,clubs etc.

The bearings can be bought on E-bay. Tamiya Tank parts Sherman Tiger I, II Panther etc.
The Tamiya battle unit is a plug and play. when you purchase the battle unit it will come with the mounting supports,the one for inside the turret and a attachment for the IR to mount onto the barrel.
There are three settings for the battle unit, the DMD unit located in side the tank.for 3,5,9 each number represents the time in seconds between each shot & the amount of shots to destroy the tank "allis kaput". when the tank gets hit the apple (sensor) will flash, and on its final hit the kill shot the apple will flash for a few seconds longer,shut down the tank then restart it. at this point before entering a new battle you need to turn the tank off at the switch and then restart it so the system DMD can reset itself for 0 hits.
The reason why you may not see the IR all the time on the barrel is that some of us place them inside the barrel,or in the mantel.In side the barrel allows you to place the tank behind a bush with the barrel sticking through and keeping the apple out of site so you don't tank a hit.
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