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Also, I've found a servo relocation kit online that makes it chassis mounted instead of axle mounted. I want to do this despite the fact that the truck will bump steer; it looks more scale and the servo rubs the chassis rails right now. Is there a recommended brand / product that is recommended?

EDIT: RCU is experiencing some trouble so photos won't upload. I'll check again later and see if their server takes them.
you don't have to have bump steer with a chassis mounted servo, you just need the Pan Hard Link Mount which corrects the bump steer. Hands Brothers makes a good kit for the Chassis Mounted Servo and Pan Hard Link Mount. Great quality and perfect geometry with no bump steer. Here is a pic, although kind of hard to see, of a pan hard link mount with a chassis mounted servo. You need both for correct steering. Just google "SCX10 Pan hard mount" or "SCX10 3 link kit"

The one below is a cheaper Level 3 Version, it works and does its job, just cheaper.

Or you could go the super cheap route with some stock parts like this guy did, in the link below.


You will find alot more good stuff on that website too!!