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Default RE: Micro sloping

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Hey SpeedsterDEN!
Very nice videos! THank you! I enjoyed them all!
I have a question though: Why do you fly in the slope's rotor, not the windy side where the most of the lift is?
It's a NO-NO place to be for the real gliders (unless you have a death wish).
Thanks again for great videos!
Hi Mark
When flying at the backside, I dont fly in the rotor.
I fly under the rotor and in the lee where there is no wind or turbolent air.
if the ridge isnt steep and high enough or sharpenough at the top, then the windjust follow the ridge top and there will be realy turbolent at the holebacksideand itwill be impossibly to fly.And you will lose speed and probberbly the glider,
But if there is lee you will gain speed with around half of the windspeed pr. lap, if you fly the perfekt lap.

Here I try to DS my Destiny in very light wind for this glider.