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Default RE: wow I hit over 10k posts

ORIGINAL: sheograth

Thats an awesome avatar Foxy. But as much as I like the s2000, you have a pathological obsession with that car lol.
Everyone who's driven one has a pathological obsession with it, you probably remember there's another mod with one and he's in love with it too. Its a lot of car for the money these days and has no real ricer tax, yet.

Anyway, you probably missed a few episodes while you were away. I had a daughter 13 months ago, and I'm having another in 3 months, the S2k had to go a year ago, I now have an EP3 Civic Type R (same engine basically, just with usable rear seats and trunk).

I'll post up some pics soon. Had that car nearly a year now and never took a pic. Has very nice rims and a good stance (H&R coilovers). I really love it, just as much as the stuka...(S2K)