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Default RE: So you want a mini....

ORIGINAL: sajuuknightfall

was planning on getting the NT18 just because it looks freaking cool and i could turn it into a rally car... however this thing has no pull starter... i would of liked it if it had this option but it looks like it just doesnt have the room for it what a shame so close to buying it too.
It comes with a starter box included. You know starter boxes are much better than pullstarts, right? If you click on my name and go to my Gallery, you can see a photo of my 5 Xrays (at the time), one of the minis at the front is my old NT18. To be honest, there is a reason it wouldn't make a good rally car, but it has nothing to do with the starter method. Unfortunately, because of their size and the engine head, these cars are very top heavy, you really need to slow down to take a corner or they just roll over. Racing them is very funny, nobody can complete a lap without at least one rollover, we just used to pray that we ended up on the wheels more times than not!