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Default RE: Jet Guys in Manila?

Alaska Bob, Nicolas
Yes... there are turbine guys in manila.... actually i think we're the only turbine guys in the Philippines we're just coming off a holiday week so no one was actually online to see the thread Oistein drops in from Norway a few times a year to fly with us, but for turbine flying, its just TotiDucati, myself and a few other people who actually fly turbines.
We did fly this week... we have a FB page and lots of pics of 3/27-28 jet A burning.. on a hot but cloudless and beautiful day! We fly in Magalang, pampanga which is 1.5 hrs away to the north of manila.

For turbine stuff... Hobby shops here arent worth it... its cheaper in every other country... and the selection isnt worth talking about. We normally get our equipment/supplies when we travel abroad and bring them home or we order online... In general, reputable electronics (Futaba, JR etc.. etc.. are more expensive here)
But for foamy planes and stuff from china we've got a few stores and they sell for quite decent prices in manila in comparison to HK, SGP etc....
I just got a 2meter EPO glider from WillysRChttp://www.willysrc.com/located in the manila bay area... for about 90 USD... which i use for Rx range tests. There are other smaller shops that sell helicopters/planes/multi rotors/cars etc.. etc.. but prices will generally be cheaper in the US....
PM me if you've got any questions and we can see what we can work out while you're in town.