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Default RE: BENCH BUDDY - new idea/accessory

really useful over a wide range of airframes
Yes wanted to try to get a 'one size fits all'

Can I suggest you fix some of that anti-slip matting to the bottom
John this job might be better done by the user, the tool drawer liner matting is great for this, a few dabs of cyano and job done

A possible suggestion would be to offer different sizes of foam or perhaps one piece like you have with more of a U-shape on one side that could be "flipped" to give more height if needed.
George, interesting, and yes bound to be different height needs, the issue is the foam needs to be glued into the base to stop it popping out when you move the jet so might be tricky to cover this but nothing stopping you adding height to the Bench Buddy itself either via feet you can add by screwing them into the holes at each corner or maybe I can make slot in extender legs to give a few height options......