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Default RE: Anyone EXTENDED their CEN GST? Check out this Chassis Kit....

ORIGINAL: The Real Dogman

Ok good luck and most importantly, have fun!!

Would love to see a video of it running around and to satisfy my curiosity, post a video from the bottom so we all can see how you got the steering to work with the servos rotating in opposite directions. I would like to see how we'll it runs with the big motor up there, and if it looks good I will buy one of these kits. I love my 1/5 scale stuff and would like to compliment my collection with a converted Genesis!
If I can get a video done I will. But I found out that the plastic shock towers were just too flexable for this truck now, so I had to get the alum ones, and I'm thinking of getting the longer Ofna Wheel Hub Extensions 30mm for my truck (I'm using 15mm ones), as the wheelbase will be a inch wider on each side (which will be better) Oh and heavy duty shock springs too (The white ones were too soft).. Plus the exhaust opening was tooo small, so I drilled it out and JB welded a larger alun tube in there, so now the opening is bigger and the pipe won't strangle the motor..

But looking at the truck, it sure does look fantastic..