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Default RE: Which 4th RC should I get?

Ok, I am not a huge fan of SCTs, and most of them don't have the metal trannys. Losi might be ok, but still not sure. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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I have a Duratrax Evader Brushless (Actually and ST, but now has all Evader Bruashless parts), a HBX MT, and a Losi Micro Brushless SCT.

I run around the yard, and will soon be putting in a track. Our yard is fairly flat with a few hills. (Not many bumps) I plan to take it to do some minor rock crawling. I'm intrested in crawling and racing, but don't have many places to crawl. So I'm looking at something 4WD, fast but strong, and a metal tranny. Looking anywhere between $200-$350. Oh, and my dream car would be a Thunder Tiger G3 MT4