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Default RE: .28 in a funfactor? oh dear....

Definately not snobby where I race.. Same group of guys and girls..We don't keep score unless you count who took out who's car on any given crash. Its so much fun that our wives, kids and even girlfriends come to hang out and occasionally run a car or two. The (owner) of the track has so many vehicles that he will lend out a car or 5 if someone needs one to run. Only rule is no complaining and you cannot be mad if your car gets trashed.. Unwritten rule is to High Five the person who took you out. Its not for the faint of heart...LOL We have gone so far as to name the types of crashes that we inflict. Most cannot be named here on the family forum but they are funny.. All the regular cars have names as well.. Or at least the bodies do.. Right now we are still running Slashes and Rally cars because the track hasn't been prepped after the winter. Dust and dirt.. when that finally happens the touring cars or as we call them Puddle Jumpers will be out in force.. We run 3 classes.. stock class 17 to 20 turn brushed in Tamiya TT01 only.. Modified 17 turn brushless and lipo (RS4's and the like ) and the top class Unlimited or as the owner likes to call it Stupid Fast Class.. 5700-7700kv 3S lipo's on whatever chassis will fit under a 190mm body.. Mine is one of the fastest mostly because I don't care what happens to the car and I drive it on the edge.. I love running foams where most run rubber tires.. Foams are great as long as the track is clean.. Otherwise its a drift machine.. 3S will put these cars easily into the mid 80's.. remember.. there are no light... Crazy huh?