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Default RE: GR130

I have a different ECU than yours, I use FADEC from xicoy. You can simply start with a generic KJ66/P80/P120 like set-up which would be in your projet manual. If not, use following:

Idle rpm: 34.000
Max rpm: 126.000 (use 90.000 for initial tests and increase slowly when engine is happy)
Min egt/start egt 150c
Max egt 800c (for acceleration only, stop accelerating if max continious reaches 700 degrees and investigate. After tests and adjustments max temperature should be no higher than 680 degrees, ideal 650 degrees or cooler.)
fuel ramp slowest to start with, you may have to find your pump starting point which should be described in your ecu manual

Any other data, just ask but most is generic.