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yes I understand. The coil does not have to reach the chamber but the distance between plug/boss and chamber should be zero, they must touch each other. Any air gap in between will result in false air getting through which can give variuous starting problems. Try to "dent" out the area where the plug or boss meets the chamber so that the chamber touches the plug or boss as tight as possible. This should help in lighting the gas. This is mainly the reason why some choose to solder the plug boss to the chamber which makes it air tight. In my case I make the boss long enough so that it touches the chamber firmly.

Another tip, see that the opening of the gas pipe is not too large, the chamber get's filled too quickly making gas/air mixture incorrect. Where do you inject the gas into your chamber? I have a seperate tube which projects into one of the sticks at the rear. Sometimes a second gas line on the oposite stick helps in beter ignition.


Modified Wren '54 engine with dual gas starting pipes which improved reliable starting: