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Default RE: OS 1.20 Go Boom....!!!

ORIGINAL: earlwb

Wow, totally impressive too. Sort of a which came first the chicken or the egg in that situation. Either the piston skirt came off or the rod let go or both maybe at the same time. I would probably bet on the piston skirt coming off first though.

Is it repairable if you replaced the rod and piston?

Thanks for sharing the pics of the failure. It is something worth thinking about.

What size prop were you using and what fuel were you using too? Just curious.

Yes it's repairable. Nothing else is damaged. It needs piston, liner, wrist pin, clips & con rod. Not sure if I'll rebuild it or not. I ordered a new 1.20AX to stick in there in the meantime once I repair the airplane. I have several other "donor" 1.20 OS FSEngines on the shelf so I'll have to see what is what eventually.

I was running a 16x6 APC on 15% Morgan Fuel. And I do not run my stuff very hard. I am all about throttle control. I am not that guy who is wide open from take off to landing. I don't high G load my airplanes either. I am pretty easy on my stuff overall.