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Default RE: OS 1.20 Go Boom....!!!

ORIGINAL: controlliner

Is that burned on oil on the rod? It looks like the con rod got hot.
Nope, it's the golden brown of rust. The crank counterweights were rusty. Clearly not enough after run was used at one point in it's life. It never overheated while I was running it. I always run em rich to keep them cool. I rather have a little burble every now and again. I am not the lean it our and let it eat guy.

modracer07 - PM me and let me know what you have, I am always buying & building. I have a brand new 1.60FX and a DLE20 on the shelf for the next projects and the new 1.20AX on the way, but I can always use another couple of engines for the right price.