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Default RE: Here's A Simple & FREE First Foam Build Plan! (Part 2)


I have been pursuing other activities over the past year or so. My wife is a science teacher and I have been conducting flight demos for her classes every few months with my YB-22. I pulled an old SO off the shelf and put it up for a class the other day and it managed to do well with a few missing bits. The SO is still probably the best first build for a new pilot. Low parts count and easy setup.

Another plane a new pilot should consider is the Vapor. It is very capable and can allow hours of stick time in calm conditions. I fly it at my wife's school during open houses and can keep it going continuously for hours with the multi charger and a half dozen batteries. I would also reccomended the Yard Bird YB-22 as well. Easy build with the same power plant as a SO. Very capable airframe too.

For anyone with an iPad, there are now two or three pretty realistic flight sims available from the App Store. RC Plane 2 is a very good one to check out. For a PC deffinitely get FMS with the SO model.

My most recent stunt was to take the Motorcycle Safety Class and get my license. Managed to run off the road and bang myself up some. Kind of like learning to fly without a flight sim. Repairs to the body take longer though. I got off easy and only ended up with a few scrapes and some deep bruising.

Best of luck to all the new builders especially Gofer303! I am 51 and hope to continue learning new skills for a long time to come.