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Default RE: a few battery questions

OK, first, NiMh (Nickle Metal Hydryde) is different from Nicads (NiCd or Nickle Cadmium). I'm more familiar with NiCd that NiMh, so I can't really tell you the difference. The best way to use your batteries is to check the voltage each time. There is a limit which if the voltage is below, don't fly! You can top off the battery after you are below this limit. Anything below 9.6v on a transmitter and you are asking for trouble, and 4.8v on the rx. If you are charging at the field, go ahead and top it off when you are close or below these limits. It is a good idea to get yourself a battery cycle device. This will discharge the battery and then charge it. It is also called conditioning the battery.

One of the problems with some rechargeable batteries is that they can develop a "memory". This happens when a battery is reduced in voltage to a set limit and then recharged over and over again. The battery will get "use" to this and the charge life will be reduced. By occasionally cycling the battery (fully discharging it before charging) the chances of the battery getting a memory are reduced.