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Default RE: a few battery questions

I have to disagree with BobFE. I've dealt in instrumentation where batteries are often the life line for some 40 years or more. Both NiCad and NiMh will work well down to 1 volt per cell so dropping down to 1.1 volt per cell is perfectly safe and gives you some margin of error. Thus your 4 cell Nixx batteries can be safely used down 4.4 volts and your 8 cell batteries down to 8.8 volts with a safe margin of error. Also, as to memory; a big myth that refuses to die. The way these cells are used in RC makes memory nearly an impossibility. Now, there is a thing described as voltage depression but that effects both NiCad and NiMh and this can most often be corrected with a forming charge. A forming charge is defined as charging at a current of 0.1c for 16 hours. If you want some honest and factual info on batteries, check out www.rcbatteryclinic.com/