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Collector, I think he wants to use the classic over the shoulder javelin launch style instead of side arm tip launching.

Hossfly, a lot of us older guys with shoulders that are becoming increasingly less tolerant to that sort of nonsense are switching over to catapult launching. It uses a single 9 inch length loop of 1/4 flat rubber such as used for rubber flying to launch our gliders up with the same to 50% more than what our arms could manage even when we were in our primes. The only difference from the classic hand launch is to add a short "stinger" at the tail which has sandpaper glued around it for grip and to add a small hook at the wing's leading edge for the rubber to hang on. You then still set the model with the correct bank and nose angle before releasing. The gliders go up with the same pattern as the classic style hand launch toss.... just higher in most of our cases....