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Today was very frustrating. Yesterday afternoon I started the engine in my garage to verify that all is good, and it fired up no problem - with the one way bearing OK - Went to our bay this morning and the bearing kept on slipping so could not start the engine. After more than an hour (I was swimming and sunbathing in the meantime while my dad ran his Sea Queen) I tried again and the bearing worked. On and off that is, once ok, nine times not. Managed to start the engine at last and threw the SW into the water. It was cavitating a lot, could not get up on a plane, was running slow, sounded lean. Then the engine died, had to swim out to get it back. I tried richening a bit the high end, started it again after a lot of frustration because of the slipping bearing, it ran slightly better but still very bad hitting maybe 15MPH top speed. Got it back in and decided to call it a day coz it was late. Back in the garage for cleaning and inspection..... unbelievable what I discovered. A bent prop and a dislodged strut, which made the shaft hard to get out and stiff to rotate!! It must have hit some pebbles when I threw it in the water in the shallow part !! How could it possibly get on a plane with a bent prop at a positive angle raising the bow towards the sky? Now all is clean once again, prop back to normal shape plus sharpened and polished further, strut re-aligned ok. Waiting for the replacement one-way bearing by mail, hopefully next time I will run 3 tanks WOT at least to make up for this mess. Do you know whether clear varnish is fuel proof? I need to coat my tank and engine compartment with something fuel proof. So how are gas boats - easier to run? Do they usually mount a clutch system or are they moving all the time like nitros? Do gas engines rev as high as the nitro engines? Or do they rev less but with much bigger torque thanks to larger capacities?