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Went to the beach yesterday morning and took my boat with me. Spent about two whole hours performing trial and error runs to find a decent HSN setting for the engine to keep going at more that 1/4 throttle. Tried many many different settings of the HSN (LSN seemed to be OK since boat was starting and idling well with a correct pinch test result). On the stand and out of the water it worked perfectly with perfect throttle response and without stalling (??!!)
When I was about to give up (boat was stalling as soon as I gave it a bit of throttle or stalling suddenly for no reason at all on the water and I even tried replacing the glow plug), it dawned on me that it might be the new fuel filter I recently installed. So I removed it and tried again without it . . . and BABAMM! Boat was soon going very fast ( after two more fine HSN adjustments) screaming its heart out and jumping the small waves and attracting everyone's attention with a smile. The 8oz weight which I recently added in front of the fuel tank seemed to stabilze the SW a lot at high speed. Before I removed the filter, I had noticed some air bubbles in the fuel line, so that's what made me think. Fuel hose is new and was tight fitting over the new filter, so I cannot understand how air was going in. I'm happy that I managed to sort this out, but I have another fuel filter of another type that I intend to try out. I'm curious whether the expert RC boat racers consider installing a fuel filter as a necessity, or whether they opt to do without for more direct fuel supply to the carb.
My dad's old Hawaii boat ran great with the new 12V Graupner 700 TURBO watercooled brushed motor. Sounds nice too.