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I flushed out all the ARO and WD40 before I went down there.took out the glow plug,used the starter and there was still a little in the motor .i installed a new plug(mc59),and filled it up.i left it a tad rich because its still relatively new and not fully broken in.for priming the carb,i just put my finger over the exhaust and watch the fuel line until the fuel reaches the carb.the glow plug driver was fully charged and I have never had any problems with it.i havnt removed any shims yet because im waiting to run a few more tanks through it.once I got it going,i let it warm up for a few minutes on shore.it idled fine,couple blips of the throttle showed me that it was still a tad rich,but that's what I wanted.threw it in the water and it ran flawless,for approx. 8 minutes varying the throttle,with a few full throttle spurts.i did notice that when I brought it back in,i touched the head and it was warm,but not hot.is there a hotter plug that I can use other than a mc59?i know once I start leaning it out more,it will run hotter,but in the meantime when breaking it in more,and should I remove a shim,as it has had 5 tanks run through it already.

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